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This here is merely supposed to hold the accumulating mass of links relating to SGI stuff and which could come in handy for tinkering with my Indy. So don't expect anything fancy in here :)

13w3 pin-out
Indy MAC address
Mashek: Indy Parts
Indy NVRAM replacement
10/100 FastEthernet Controller
ev1 / cosmo 1 taxonomy
Indigo2Video Break-Out Box
Obsolete: The SGI Indy
SGIstuff: Hardware: Graphics: Newport
IRIX 6.5 TechDocs & FAQs
IRIX 5 auto install
SGI SysAdmin Addendum
IRIX network install
Starting miniroot
IRIX 6.5 network boot
Disk Cloning
Phobos G130 driver
2nd-hand purchasing advice
SGI dealer
Linux-MIPS HPC header structure
Linux-MIPS XFree86
IRIX OpenOffice port
Herb's Stuff